March 30th, 2015

Infusionsoft Membership Site

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iMember360 for InfusionSoft™

What is “What is WordPress for Infusionsoft™”?

iMember360” is a WordPress plugin that will turn a normal WordPress site into a full featured membership site. It includes all the protection controls you can imagine, yet driven by Infusionsoft’s second-to-none CRM and e-commerce engine.

Using the Infusionsoft API, this plugin will put your site on auto-pilot. It will pull all the available data from your Infusionsoft application and make it available to your site. Automatically.

Control over the membership is achieved through Infusionsoft while WordPress is used for what it does best: content management.

The entire process, using order forms or shopping cart, actions and action sets, triggers, campaign builder, etc, leads to a trouble-free operation, requiring little or no work on your part. No other plugin comes close in terms of features.

iMember360 uses nearly all the automated features available in Infusionsoft to manage and control access to content in a subscription-based WordPress site. There are a number of membership plugins available “out there” but none that deal with membership access control specifically driven by Infusionsoft data.

Infusion Software and WordPress

Why use Infusionsoft?
This combination, Infusionsoft – one of the fastest growing marketing applications – and WordPress – the most popular content management system on the net – gives you the unique capability to run a full featured Infusionsoft membership site within minutes.

With iMember360, you get the power of both Infusionsoft and WordPress. The plugin, however, adds a large number of functions which go much beyond a simple integration between the two. It empowers you to build an integrated, interactive, state-of-the-art membership site.

When we set out to develop this plugin, it quickly became clear that a simple integration Infusionsoft and WordPress was not enough. The plugin has been constantly upgraded with additional content management features – some of which are unique in the world of WordPress, such as conditional shortcodes and user-defined shortcodes which require no programming on your part.

See for yourself: this is the plugin with the “mostest”.

Infusionsoft Membership Site