Please read before submitting a ticket

If you have questions or concerns, or even if you feel you need to confirm something, contact us any time. Since 2009, we’ve seen most issues and probably have a quick and easy way to help you out.

Before submitting a ticket, please ensure that you are up to date with both WordPress and iMember360 updates.

To speed up our response, we’ll usually need to know the following things:

  • A description of the issue, as detailed as you can provided it.
  • Site URL and page where the issue can be observed.
  • WP admin login credentials, if the issue involves WordPress.
  • Login credentials for an affected user with which we can test the issue you’re experiencing.
  • If the issue involves your Infusionsoft setup, please invite us to the affected Infusionsoft application as “Partner”, so as not to take up one of your user licenses.

My site is in maintenance mode. What is happening?

iMember360 has two “maintenance” screens.

If the maintenance screen includes a login link, as depicted below, it’s likely to be a licensing issue, either due to a technical issue, a cancellation on your part or an overdue invoice of 45 days or more.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience for prompt resolution.

If the maintenance screen does not have a login link, it indicates that your site is undergoing an update of some sort: WordPress, plugin, theme, etc. It’s just a matter of waiting a few minutes until the update has completed.It should resolve itself within 10 minutes at the most.

A number of PHP notices and warnings appear on screen

By default, iMember360 turns error display off so as not to accidentally reveal any sensitive information if an error should occur.

If you are seeing them, it’s likely to be warnings and notices from another plugin that initializes before iMember360 was able to turn the error display off.

Ideally, on an operational site, the display of error warnings and notices should be turned off in your php.ini configuration file.


I can’t login as a WordPress admin

As a security precaution, iMember360 doesn’t allow regular Infusionsoft contacts to login using the same email address as that of an admin user.

In addition – and for similar reasons – WordPress does not allow two different users to share an email address.

These are the most likely issues when an administrator is suddenly no longer able to login.

The simplest solution is to change the Infusionsoft contact’s email address, thereby eliminating the conflict.

Alternatively, you can change the admin user’s email address. That can also resolve the conflict.

This safety measure is design to prevent account “hijacking”.

In some cases, none of the above may resolve the issue and you will still unable to login for other reasons. In that case, please submit a ticket using the support widget on this page.

Users can’t login

Some points to check:

  • Was a password created in Infusionsoft?
  • Were all the necessary membership tags applied?
  • Are there duplicate members in Infusionsoft with the same email address?
  • Are there duplicate WordPress users in WordPress with the same email address?
  • Try using user’s credentials from Infusionsoft to see if there could be user error.

Infusionsoft HTTP POST and restHooks with CloudFlare



CloudFlare blocks IP addresses known or perceived to be sources of malware or spam. The CloudFlare Firewall also detects web activity that be harmful to your site and blocks IP addresses linked to such activity.

Very often, HTTP POST’s without a referrer originating from the site itself can be considered illicit and result in the posting IP addresses being blocked. Infusionsoft resHooks fall under the HTTP POST rules. Another “gotcha” are unknown or missing user agents where CloudFlare expects to see the name of the most common web browsers.

CloudFlare provides a mean to establish a so-called “Trust List”, enabling HTTP POST and restHooks originating from Infusionsoft to be “whitelisted”, enabling them to reach your site and be processed by iMember360. In addition, CloudFlare lets one define so-called “Page Rules” which would allow Infusionsoft HTTP POST/Webhooks to get past the security scans.

To add Infusionsoft IP addresses to the CloudFlare “Trust List”:

  1. Go to your CloudFalre Firewall settings and click on the “Trust/Block IP List” tab.
  2. In the input field next to the green “Trust” submit button, enter “” and press the “Trust” button. Note: the /22 is important.

Next, go to your “CloudFlare Page Rules” settings. There, you will create a new rule for your site:

  • Dynamic Pattern ->* 

  • Additional settings:
    • Always Online -> Off
    • Browser Integrity Check (BIC) -> Off
    • Browser Cache TTL -> 300
    • Custom Caching -> Bypass Caching
    • Forwarding -> Off
    • Performance -> Off
    • Security Level -> Lowest
    • SSL -> Off

What PCI DSS compliance level do I need for my site?

If you are going to host your own order forms or accept credit card input from your customers, you will need, at a minimum, a valid SSL certificate.

Beyond that, every site and business is different and several factors come into play. Your payment processor may also have additional requirements.

This site explains it very well and in detail:

The following screenshot is a basic extract from the site.

iClient360 vs. iMember360

Question: I’m a bit confused. I see in the release notes that iClient360 has been ported into iMember360. The iClient documentation says that iClient360 is programmed to be used as a “stand-alone” application

Answer: There is a stand-alone version of iClient360 which requires a separate installation. That version will continue to exist because it allows centralized management for clients who operate multiple sites, rather than having to manage events and setup triggers on each individual site.

What has been ported to iMember360 is most of the functionality of iClient360 into iMember360. Once you install/update to the latest iMember360 version, you will automatically have that functionality at your disposal and the shortcodes through which you can add the same to your pages.

So, essentially, two products whereby one (iMember360) includes most of the functionality of the other (iClient360).

When converting from other systems, can the old passwords be used?

Yes, there is a way to capture passwords so that users can keep their old passwords.

First, you’ll have to make sure that all users have been imported into Infusionsoft and assigned all the necessary tags, etc.

In the designated password field in Infusionsoft, assign a value that contains the following: #$i4w$capture$#

You can (and should) add something in front or at the end of that string, but it must contain that specific sequence of characters.

Once you’ve done that, you will need to add the following line near the top of your wp-config.php file:


After that, as your users attempt to login, their passwords will be captured and stored in Infusionsoft.

I just assigned a tag to a contact but it isn’t reflected on the site

Due to Infusionsoft API restricted, contact information on the site is generally cached.

However, cached contact information is automatically updated during certain events known to iMember360, such as when a tag is assigned from within iMember360 or when an an Infusionsoft HTTP POST is received for a contact.

Outside the immediate area of control of iMember360, iMember360 doesn’t know about changes to a contact.

A regular intervals, however, using a setting that you can define in “Plugin Options”, iMember360 can automatically refresh the contact cache.

If you often do contact record updates through other API-based applications or Campaign Builder sequences, you can use iMember360’s i4w_sync_user module, either as an HTTP POST out of campaign or through the webhooks available in Infusionsoft.