Orders And One Click Upsells

Once a subscriber to your membership site logs in, you will of course present them with your membership content.

However you can also offer them new products which they can choose to buy in addition to the membership subscription they’ve already bought from you.

imember360 makes it very easy for you to set up order forms for new products. You can do this via

  • Keap order forms
  • the Keap shopping cart or
  • the Infusion soft one click order.

One Click Upsells

Once someone has bought a subscription to your membership, there are several ways you can continue to sell to your new member.

Assuming the member bought your membership subscription using a credit card, you’ll be able to offer him or her other products with a one-click upsell.

The advantage for you is that a one-click upsell does not require the member to enter their credit card details. This means the sale experiences less friction.

Order Forms

It is up to you to decide which payment methods you will accept. These might be

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal

If the member bought your membership with a credit card, then you can keep selling that member with one click upsells. If they used PayPal however (assuming you offer PayPal), while you can still upsell them, it won’t be a one-click experience. You would use an order Form.

Keap Order Form

  • Uses shortcode [i4w_webform]
  • Can be prefilled by logged in member details, or by GET or POST data (useful on a thank you page)
  • Can hide email address form field so contact cannot be changed

Keap Shopping Cart

Keap One Click Order

  • Uses shortcodes [i4w_product_order] and [i4w_subscription_order] to make a one click order
  • can be used on thank you page for one click upsells
  • can be used in conjunction with product, subscription and card selection as described above which make the preparation required for a single click sale