In an effort to make sure that our website provides you, our user with useful features, structure, and content, we have added a new blog post that is powered by a premium WordPress plugin.  In using it, we have created the iMember360 Facebook Wall post.  As our Facebook Fan page grows in popularity and usage, you'll see that content reflected right here.  This means that you'll be able to socially interact with us whether you are visiting the blog or visiting Facebook itself to see our page.

We are not an affiliate and since this is the first day of usage can't really recommend that you run right out an by it, but from the initial looks of it, it seems very promising.  It's also a pretty good testament to the high quality build of iMember360 itself since there appears to be zero incompatibility with this plugin.  It's a very complex set of jQuery instructions and Facebook API calls to accomplish what it does, and it's short code based.

If you are interested, drop a comment on the page, or on our Facebook page and I'll PM you the link.  Don't want anyone to think I'm promoting.  I'll try to add updates to the page as time goes by so that you'll know if we've experienced any problems with the plugin.

Also, it would be very helpful if you'd let me know if you find this article helpful to you.  If you'd like more articles like this where we point out what plugins and software we are using on our own site so that you know they are likely to work on you iMember360 site, just comment below so I know to keep doing it.  Also, let me know what you think of the iMember360 Facebook Wall.  Hope y'all are doing great today, and I'll check back soon.



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