iMember360 Increases Revenue

Increase Revenue Through Upsell Offers

An iMember360 website can be a vehicle for enhancing your membership revenue. How? Well it makes it easy to put offers in front of members and have them take up the offers with a single click once a credit card has been registered.

The offer you make can be based on the members tags which in turn reflect the members interests, preferences and previous purchases, and their responses to offers. This allows you to fine tune your website into a precision selling machine.

For example, you might only offer UpSell Z for 36 hours to members who bought product X, and have clicked through on one or more emails about product Z.

Protect Revenue By Forewarning Of Card Expiry

To make the upsell process as smooth as possible you want to reduce friction. And an out of date credit card will impede upsells and may also result in the member failing to renew.

iMember360 makes it easy to identify credit cards that are soon to expire to you can bring this to the attention of the member and encourage them to take immediate action, with a simple “renew your card now” link.