iMember360 Is Accurate

Up To Date Access

iMember360 and Keap are perfectly synchronized and hence access to the membership content is as exactly it should be. You don’t need to worry about members who have stopped paying still getting access to new content or new members who do not have content enabled. The close integration of iMember360 and Keap ensure that the membership site always delivers content as appropriate to the members state of credit.

Up To Date Contact Information

You can update the member email address on the membership site admin section. This information is updated simultaneously within Keap so the information remains consistent. The email address is the prime method of identifying a contact so it is critical that email addresses remain consistent across Keap and the membership site.

Up To Date Password Information

You can update the member password on the membership site admin section. This information is updated simultaneously within Keap so the information remains consistent. This is important for the purpose of sending password reminders.

Up To Date Cardholder Information

iMember360 recommends its system application, client360 which allows a client to log in securely and update their credit card information. This ensures the member has an active credit card and this reduced friction when it comes to subscription renewals and upsells.

Up To Date Behavioral Information

iMember360 is deeply integrated with Keap. This integration means that your membership site perfectly reflects the current status of each member: their orders, their preferences, their recent communications, their level of indebtedness: everything you need to personalize their membership experience.

With iMember360, user actions on the membership site can activate events on Keap (using the iMember360 shortcodes) and similarly Keap campaign sequences can cause events to take place on the membership site using HTTP posts. Also external events such as payments or payment failures can trigger events to take place on Keap and hence on the membership site. Everything just flows through.

Keap and iMember360 use tags to signify the state of the contact. A tag can signify anything; a new member, a failed payment, and clicked link in an email, an interest in a product, anything that is important and you may want to track or use to take some follow up action.

Personalized Content

On the membership site you can use tags to control what content is displayed using i4w_onlyfor.

Also a tag can be added automatically based on a user visiting a certain page using i4w_tagset.

Therfore, through a combination of the user clicks in emails, and on the membership site, you can build a profile of your member’s preferences which puts you in stronger position when you want to market new products to them.