iMember360 Is Secure

Peace Of Mind With iMember360

iMember360 protects the content on your website so it can only be accessed by your members. This protects your investment of time and effort in the creation of your material.

What Can You Protect?

Protection is granular: you can protect the entire site, individual pages or sections of pages.

Can I Protect Videos?

You can protect videos hosted on AmazonS3 using CloudPlayer. CloudPlayer uses secure streaming. This means your video can only be watched when the member is logged in to the membership site.

How Does The Protection Work?

Protection is managed according membership levels. If a member has a specific membership level, that it is their membership of that level that authorizes their access to specific pages, or sections of pages.

What Happens If A Member Stops A Payment?

Keap can set a payment failure tag which pause the member’s membership and hence removes access to the content. On resuming payment, the access can be automatically resumed.

What Happens If The iMember360 License Expires?

Your content remains protected if out of license