Gutenberg Extension

Gutenberg Overview

WordPress Gutenberg is a block editor designed to make adding rich content to WordPress simple yet flexible.

The use of blocks allows users to focus on how content will look without the distraction of other configuration options.

Gutenberg enables WordPress to build content layouts in much the same way as that of page builders such as Beaver Builder and Elementor.

However, it is a core part of WordPress and not a third party plugin or add-on.

iMember360 Gutenberg Extension Overview

iMember360 operates with Gutenberg without any need for the iMember360 Gutenberg Extension. All features of iMember360 work with Gutenberg including shortcodes.

The iMember360 Gutenberg Extension is used solely to control the display of Gutenberg blocks.

The iMember360 Gutenberg Extension provides an unsurpassed level of integration between Infusionsoft and your WordPress site using Gutenberg. It supports all Gutenberg block types including static and dynamic blocks that conform to the WordPress standards.

A dynamic block contains content that may change and cannot be determined at the time of saving a post. The content is determined at the point in time the post is shown on the frontend of a site.

The Gutenberg block display can be controlled by the iMember360 Gutenberg Extension based upon:

  • Login status.
  • The Infusionsoft tags a contact has or does not have.
  • The value of an Infusionsoft contact field.
  • Any valid PHP conditional statement.
  • …and any combination of the above.

All of the iMember360 Gutenberg Extension settings are fully integrated into the Gutenberg settings. So, if you are familiar with Gutenberg there is no additional learning curve to using the iMember360 Gutenberg Extension.

How to activate, and configure the iMember360 Gutenberg Extension is detailed here: