• Infusionsoft meets WordPress

Why iMember360?

  • Created in 2009, both feature rich and stable
  • WordPress plugin - easy to install and configure
  • Fully integrated with Infusionsoft™ through API
  • Fully automate and individualize your site
  • Protect your Amazon S3 videos and content
  • Easily add web forms, order forms, surveys, etc.
  • Detailed step by step installation guide
  • Further integration with other systems (i.e. bbPress, LearnDash, BuddyPress and others)

WordPress Membership Plugin for Infusionsoft™

Unleash the power of WordPress and iMember360 to create your Infusionsoft™ driven membership site instantly!

Well over 5000+ sites
protected by iMember360
managing over 4 million subscribers

iMember360 - a WordPress plugin that turns a normal WordPress site into a full-featured membership site with all the protection controls you can imagine, almost limitless customization, and driven by Infusionsoft’s second-to-none CRM and e-commerce engine.

Membership sites built easily

Raw turbo power for your membership site - full, deep integration with Infusionsoft.

Automate your Membership Site so runs on AutoPilot

There are a number of membership plugins available “out there” but none that deal with membership access control specifically driven by Infusionsoft data.


WordPress and Infusionsoft™

This combination, Infusionsoft – one of the fastest growing marketing applications – and WordPress – the most popular content management system on the net – gives you the unique capability to run a full featured Infusionsoft membership site within minutes.

Feature for feature, no other membership software comes close. With well over 300 shortcodes, this WordPress plugin goes deeper into Infusionsoft than any other similar plugin.

The level of possible subscriber specific customization and interactivity is unparalleled.


Free Support

We offer free support by our ticket system and access to our Facebook self-help group.

Unlimited Users and Membership Levels

Unlimited users and membership levels is only a single part of the tons of included features in iMember360.

300+ built-in shortcodes

More than 300 built-in shortcodes, to personalize your site, create orderforms or deliver content by conditional rules,

Start creating your membership site today!

Lots of possibilities

Infusionsoft™ API

Using the Infusionsoft API, this plugin will put your site on auto-pilot. It will pull all the available data from your Infusionsoft application and make it available to your site. Automatically.


Control over the membership is achieved through Infusionsoft while WordPress is used for what it does best: content management.

Shopping and Orders

The entire process, using order forms or shopping cart, actions and action sets, triggers, campaign builder, etc, leads to a trouble-free operation, requiring little or no work on your part. No other plugin comes close in terms of features.


iMember360 uses nearly all the automated features available in Infusionsoft to manage and control access to content in a subscription-based WordPress site.

Google First Click

Google "First Click" can optionally be enabled, so your content is the very first time not protected for a not logged-in visitor coming from a indexed google link.

Own shortcodes

Create your own library of re-usable shortcodes – without programming – to better plan, deploy and automate your content.

Compatible with OptimizePress

Combine it with OptimizePress to create a system many, many times more powerful than Kajabi at fraction of the cost.

Gradual Content

Gradual content release based on a user’s registration date, both for entire posts/pages and partial posts/pages.

Who wants to Automate their Sales and Marketing?

Start Creating Your Membership Today

The best WordPress Membership Plugin for Infusionsoft on the market!

Unlimited App (Monthly)


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited domains
  • For a single Infusionsoft™ app
  • Free support

Unlimited App (Yearly)


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited domains
  • For a single Infusionsoft™ app
  • Free support

Regular (Yearly)


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited subdirectories
  • Single domain
  • Free support

Regular (Monthly)


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited subdirectories
  • Single domain
  • Free support

Download Free Trial
Test indefinitely, Full version of iMember360, Up to 20 users, Unlimited subdirectories, Single domain, Free support

Steve Hofstetter, automateandgrow, United States

I have been building out iMember360 accounts for my clients that use WordPress for their main site and I absolutely love love love this plugin. To the novice it could be a bit over whelming because of all the functionality in the plug in... But with this tool in the right hands ;-) It can

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