With this shortcode, the HTML code for a simple survey can be generated, consisting of a survey question and any number of possible answers.

Answers can be single (radio buttons) or multiple (checkboxes).

For any given answer, one or more actionsets can be run, as well as tag and follow-up sequences assigned.

Finally, the responses can be optionally stored in a custom field in your Infusionsoft application.

This shortcode does NOT supports conditional branching with [ELSE_survey].

Shortcode nesting is NOT supported.



svy_type Either ‘radio’ or ‘checkbox’, to indicate single or multiple responses.
Default: radio.
Required: No, default is applied.
svy_btn Text to appear on the submmit button.
Default: ‘Submit’.
Required: No, default is applied.
customfield Defines the name of the Infusionsoft custom field in which the response(s) will be stored.
Default: None.
Required: Yes
redir Defines the URL of the page to which the user should be redirected after completing the survey. In order to reload the page and NOT display the “aftertext” message, use “#reload#” as the redir value.
Default: None.
Required: No.
aftertext Message to display upon completion of the survey form.
Default: ‘Thank you for completing this survey.’
Required: No, default is applied.
required Specifies whether the survey must be completed or not.
Default: No.
Required: No.
required_msg Text to appear above the survey when it wasn’t completed although “required”.
Default: ‘In order to proceed, this survey must first be completed.’.
Required: No, default is applied.


svy_question Defines the survey question to be asked.
Default: None.
Required: Yes.
svy_answerX Defines a possible answer to the survey question, whereas “X” is the number associated with the answer.
Default: None.
Required: Yes, at least one answer must be defined.
svy_actionX Defines actions to be applied when an answer is selected. The “X” associates the actions with an answer. Possible actions are “actionsets” and assignment of “tags”.

An actionset is defined as Ann, where “nn” is the actionset ID as found in your Infusionsoft application.

Tags are assigned the same way, using “Tnn” instead, with “nn” representing the tag ID. If a tag should be removed instead of assigned, the “T” should be preceded by a minus sign ‘-‘.

Follow-up sequences are handled just like tag but identifed as “Fnn”, to add to a follow-up sequence, or “-Fnn” to remove.
Default: None.
Required: No



Multiple questions may be asked within a survey. However, all answers must be numbered sequentially without regard to the question with which they are logically associated.


There is no API function equivalent for this shortcode.